Board Members

Director:  Slave Jenna

Slave jenna has been owned by Sir Robert since 2011. Slave jenna is the Founder and Director of MAsT:Towson and an active member of MAsT:DC Pan, MAsT:Frederick, MAsT:Laurel Women, and is the Treasurer for the Baltimore Playhouse, and the bookkeeper for MTTA. She works as the co-Chef for the MTTA academy and as an Assistant Producer and office manager for the Master/slave Conference.

Deputy. Director: Slave Selina

I have been happily married to Sir_rigger_Dave for 27 years. We have always been into lite BDSM play in our own private bedroom but in the past three years I have wanted to take it up another notch. So with the permission of Sir_rigger_Dave we started to join groups of like minded kinky people and found out we do really like the lifestyle.
We started this journey as a D/s relationship but we realized that our relationship became even stronger than before we are now living a 24/7 M/s household.
Our titles might have changed but our values and love for each other have stayed the same. I find giving back to my community is very important to me, the great Guy Baldwin said our community can only grow stronger by giving something of ourselves. September 2013 MsC Conference.

Treasurer: Sir Robert

Sir Robert has been the Master and Owner of slave jenna since August, 2011. He was honored to marry his slave at MsC in 2013. He is extremely honored by her service to himself and the community. He was also extremely honored to have been inducted into Master Taíno’s Leather Family at MsC 2013. He is a firm believer in the “Dominant and Caring” philosophy of the Leather Family. He is the Co-Founder and Executive Board member of MAsT: Towson.

Sir Robert is a proud alumnus of MTTA, Master’s Academy Class XVII, July 2011. He is a member of MAsT: Baltimore, MAsT: DC Pan, MAsT: Frederick and MAsT: Washington. He is also a member of BESS, Black Rose and NELA (New England Leather Alliance). He has presented for MAsT: DC Pan. Additionally, Sir Robert hosted the Owings Mills Munch between 2011-2013. He is CPR/AED and First Aid Certified. He has successfully completed a DM Training Course through BR and has served as a volunteer DM at BR XXV, CCFF (2013) and multiple times at The Crucible. Sir Robert also Co-Founded the “Tops of Bottoms Up!” group in Frederick, MD.