Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for all Members:

All members will maintain discretion and respect for all other members.  Any issues that arise should be immediately brought to the attention of the Director or Deputy Director, so that they may be resolved quickly and without disruption to the group at large.
All members should conduct themselves as adults, assuming the responsibility for themselves and acting in a civilized manner at any meeting.

Additional rules governing all meetings:

  1. Participants agree to hold confidential anything discussed in general or group sessions. You may discuss your own feelings and issues but not that of others.
  2. Masters may not order any slave, including their own, to discuss or divulge information or content of the slave’s group session.
  3. Masters without a slave will be expected to take care of themselves while at MAsT meetings unless a slave of their own volition chooses to serve a Master.
  4. Protocol is suspended unless the Master of a specific relationship chooses to impose protocol on their slave(s).
  5. Please put your cell phones on vibrate or turn them off. If you must take a call, please step out into another room or outside.